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The Political Philosophy Podcast is a weekly 45-50 minute interview with a philosopher or public figure that digs deep into questions of ethics, intuition, introspection and political morality.  

The mid-length audio format makes this interesting ideas for your commute, or philosophy while walking the dog, or something to think about while doing the dishes. 

In these episodes I want to share how interesting and deep thinking about politics can really.  I want to show you how the political is in you and all around you, not just in the news or in the halls of power.  


Politics is not something to be kept out of our lives but an in-eliminatlable, and necessary, component of us, of who we are, and of everything we do.  


Every week this podcast will ask you to think about why it is that you feel a certain way, that you have a certain intuition, or to notice the political in your day to day interactions.  You might find that some of these conversations change your mind – some of them changed my mind – but even if you stay in the same ideological fort you started in you’ll do so with an enriched understanding of how that fort came to be and the vast and varied landscape around it. 

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The Political Philosophy Podcast is hosted by Toby Buckle. Pictured above with an Alpaca in a petting zoo. 

The subject has been a passion of mine forever.  I was born in Grimsby, England and grew up in Whitley Bay.  I Studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford University from 2006-2009 and gained an MA in Political Philosophy from the University of York in 2010.

For the Past 8 years I have worked in progressive and electoral organizing in the US working for advocacy groups such as the Human Rights Campaign, Environment America, The Working Families party, and Democratic consulting groups.  For the past 3 years I've been with Amnesty international USA as a Regional Coordinator where I've raised over ten million dollars for human rights work around the world.  


(Any views expressed on this podcast are my own or the guests and should not be taken to represent a particular organization.)


I live on Staten Island with my wife, we spend what free time we have outside of our work and projects cooking for ourselves or friends, walking by the coast or in the parks, and appreciating 'so bad they're good' trash movies.  We hope to expand our family with a dog, or perhaps a large trainable rabbit or weasel of some kind. 


Cameron Esprit is a content curator & philosopher. He is particularly interested in the distinction between philosophy as a lived practice and as an academic discourse. Upon receiving his B.A. in Philosophy & Ethics from the University of Arizona, Cameron has been showcasing the practical benefits philosophy has to offer in today’s digital age.

Cameron joined the Political Philosophy Podcast in April 2020 and will be working on guest research and preparation, graphic design, Marketing, & Creating an online store.

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Photo Credit: Angela Buckle

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