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The Political Philosophy Podcast is a weekly specialist discussion show featuring interviews with the world's leading political philosophers, public commentators, activists, and politicians. The host, toby, has also created some solo episodes developing original takes to topics in political theory. 

The podcast has featured thinkers such as: Peter Singer, Philip Pettit, Cecile Fabre, Mary Frances Berry, Michael Freeden, Will MacAskill, Orlando Patterson, Elizabeth Cohen, Elizabeth Anderson, Jacob T levy, Helen Thompson, Dale Martin, Glenn Loury, Colleen Murphy, Roger Crisp, & many more. 

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The Political Philosophy Podcast is hosted by Toby Buckle. Pictured above with an Alpaca in a petting zoo. 

The subject has been a passion of mine forever.  I was born in Grimsby, England and grew up in Whitley Bay.  I Studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford University from 2006-2009 and gained an MA in Political Philosophy from the University of York in 2010.

My interest also comes from working in political and activism: I have worked in progressive and electoral organizing in the US working for advocacy groups such as the Human Rights Campaign, Environment America, The Working Families party, and Democratic consulting groups, and Amnesty International.  


I recently moved back to the UK and currently live in Edinburgh with my wife. 

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