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A conversation with Aron RA 

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Aron Ra is one of the nations leading public figures in the atheist movement.  He became prominent with his 'Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism' youtube series which has become a book.   

This is a seventeen part series of videos in which AronRa addresses the most popular claims of creationists. The series is highly critical of the methods employed by creationists.  He describes the ringleaders as liars - some of who have a financial interest in the beliefs they're pushing. The series is aimed at the general public who he feels are being deceived by the purveyors of creationist misinformation

In our conversation we talked about the backlash in the atheist community he faced from identifying as a feminist, the current state of the movement, and atheists relationship to social justice.

You can follow Aron Ra on Youtube and support him on Patreon.


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