A conversation with Mandisa Thomas

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Mandisa Thomas, president and founder of Back NonBelievers, joins the podcast.  We discuss the unique challenges of being a black atheist in America, the Black church, racism within the atheist movement, and the future of the movement.

Thomas founded Black Nonbelievers, Inc. in 2011 as a secular fellowship.  Its goals include eliminating the stigma surrounding non-belief in the African-American community and providing a support system and networking opportunities to members. She believes it is important to expand diversity within the black community to include people who challenge the effectiveness of the church and its doctrine, and who advocate for "more tangible, evidence-based solutions" to the challenges facing the community.

The group now has chapters in 10 US cities providing support and community for black atheists who may feel alone or excluded because of their beliefs.

Mandisa has made interview appearances in media outlets including CBS News, WABE FM 90.1's Closer Look, NPR's Code Switch podcast, and the Freedom From Religion Foundation's Freethought Radio program. She has been profiled in publications including Jet magazine and has written opinion pieces for outlets including CNN.

You can find out more, and support her work, at:


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