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A conversation with Kalaya'an Mendoza

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Kalaya’an Mendoza has spent the last twenty years of his life fighting for social justice in various movements from the fight for Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender rights to Tibetan Independence to anti–racist organizing. 

He most recently served as a Field Director with Amnesty International USA and has led the Tactical Safety and Security Unit within the Human Rights Observation deployments in Ferguson, DNC, RNC, Charlotte and most recently in Standing Rock. 

His work as an activist, organizer, facilitator and trainer have been recognized by human rights icons like His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, featured in publications ranging from OUT Magazine to the New York Times, and honored by organizations and local governments across the United States. 

In our conversation we offer what we hope is an accessible and engaging introduction to social justice concepts such as privilege, discrimination, and microaggressions. Kalaya'an also give a strong critique of 'Call-out culture', arguing for a compassion, rather than confrontation and shaming, as the basis for our approach.


(Neither of us are representing a particular organization, views expressed are our own)

If you want to work with Kalaya'an check out his website, you can also follow him on twitter @KalaMendoza


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