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A conversation with Professor John Skorupski

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In this episode I discussed J S Mill's liberty principle with professor John Skorupski.  We covered the nature of harm, elitism, drug use, non conforming sexual relationships, and moral relativism.

John Skorupski is a British philosopher whose main interests are epistemology, ethics and moral philosophy, political philosophy, and the history of 19th and 20th century philosophy. He is best known for his work on John Stuart Mill and his study of normativity, The Domain of Reasons.

John Skorupski studied philosophy and economics at Cambridge University. After lecturing at the University of Glasgow he moved to the Chair of Philosophy at Sheffield University in 1984, and to the Chair of Moral Philosophy at Saint Andrews in 1990. His interests at the moment are: moral and political philosophy, meta-ethics and epistemology, history of 19th and 20th Century philosophy.

He is the author of: Symbol and Theory: A Philosophical Study of Theories of Religion in Social Anthropology,  John Stuart Mill, Cambridge Companions to Philosophy: John Stuart Mill, Ethical ExplorationsWhy Read Mill Today? and The Domain of Reasons.

I strongly recommend Why Read Mill Today as an introductory guide.


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