With Matto Mildenberger and Jonathan Leader Maynard

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What is an ideology?  What do intellectuals studying it in opinion polls, contemporary debates, and historical texts understand it to mean? I’m joined by the authors of a recent survey of the study of ideology in different disciplines, Matto Mildenberger and Jonathan Leader Maynard, to help make sense of it all.



Matto Mildenberger is Assistant Professor of Political Science. His research explores the political drivers of policy inaction in the face of serious social and economic threats posed by global climate change. Straddling comparative political economy and political behavior, Mildenberger's work focusses on comparative climate policymaking and the dynamics of US climate opinion. His current book project compares the politics of carbon pricing across advanced economies, with a focus on the history of climate reforms in Australia, Norway and the United States. Other ongoing work explores public environmental behaviors, political ideology, and the relationship between economic and environmental policy preferences. A previous book, Dependent America? How Mexico and Canada Construct US Power (Toronto 2011, with Stephen Clarkson), explored the political economy of North American trade and security relationships.


Jonathan completed his undergraduate degree in War Studies and History at Kings College London in 2008, and then moved to the University of Oxford to take an MPhil in Political Theory and DPhil in Politics between 2008 and 2014. From 2011-2013 he worked as a Non-Stipendiary Lecturer in Politics and International Relations at St. Annes College, Oxford, and from 2013-2015 was the Rank-Manning Junior Research Fellow in Social Sciences at New College. He is now a Departmental Lecturer in International Relations in the DPIR and also a Lecturer at New College.




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