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A conversation with Professor Tamler Sommers (2)

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In the second part of my conversation with Tamler Sommers we discussed/debated moral consequentialism vs. virtue ethics, Gregg Caruso, Will MacAskill and J S Mill, and what is the relationship between analytic reasoning and our lived experience.

Tamler is a professor at the University of Houston, interested in issues relating to honor, free will, moral responsibility, punishment, and revenge. 

He's the author of several books: Relative Justice (2012 Princeton) on the diversity of norms and attitudes about responsibility across cultures.  A Very Bad Wizard: Morality Behind the Curtain (McSweeney's 2009, 2nd edition Routledge 2106), a collection of interviews with philosophers and scientists on issues in moral psychology. His most recent book "Why Honor Matters"  is recently release and the topic of our conversation today


Tamler co-hosts the Very Bad Wizards podcast (along with the psychologist David Pizarro), which features discussions about ethics, free will, revenge, neuroscience, psychopaths, relativism, pop culture, and lots more.

You can follow him on twitter:

And buy his book here:

Why Honor Matters 

We referenced the work of Will MacAskill several times in the conversation.  I interviewed Will for the podcast in season 1, that conversation because the episode 'MORAL UNCERTAINTY'.

In my intro I mentioned that I had just been discussing how to have a civil disagreement that conversation became the episode 'CIVILITY AND TONE POLICING' with professor Teresa Bejan of Oxford.

I also referenced my conversation with Gregg Caruso on free will, moral responsibility, and punishment you can check out 'THE ILLUSION OF FREE WILL'  and Part 2:  'CONTAINMENT AND DETERRENCE' .

Finally while I was not able to get J S Mill on the podcast I've done several episodes on his work including 'UTILITARIANISM' and 'THE LIBERTY PRINCIPLE'


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